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The comfort of those that inhabit your building is essential and therefore you need to be able to rely upon your HVAC system. It should be working at its optimum, keeping those in the building contented, but what will you do when the system starts to get old?

Many business managers and building owners tend to only fix problems with the HVAC system when they occur. However, this can be costly as small maintenance repairs mount up and could result in a disaster for your building. What would you do if your HVAC system was to break down during a summer heat wave?  Although you may be able to get it fixed, how long would it take to get the air flowing back through the building?

It is a great idea to take on a new HVAC system as a means of anticipatory maintenance.  C & G Mechanical have provided reasons why this is so:

Save energy
Your HVAC system works extremely hard to keep the people in your building comfortable. It is likely that your old system is using up a greater amount of energy than anything else that is currently on the market. The ECO Evaluator states that if your equipment is more than a decade old it is likely to be less efficient and therefore your energy costs will be high.
By getting a new HVAC system you will be saving a considerable amount of money and you may even begin to see it paying for itself over a few years.

What comes with new equipment? A new warranty!
It is very likely that your warranty on an old HVAC system has expired, therefore, every new issue that arises, results in money being spent.
If you were to invest in a new system, you would not have this problem as the warranty would help to cover maintenance costs.

By having a plan in place you will be supporting the other areas of business.
If a HVAC system emergency arises, your business plan spending will inevitably take a hit.  You can avoid this by preparing.

Here is some advice and questions to ask yourself:

Keep a record of the equipment in your building and what will need replacing soon.

How much does the maintenance of your HVAC system cost you?

Would a new HVAC system reduce that cost enough to justify the investment?

How much does your building’s energy bills cost?

If you haven’t already done so, it would be a good idea to develop a planning and budgeting method.

These points should enable you to be aware of when it is time to replace your HVAC system. Although it will be an initial expenditure, the savings you will make from energy efficiency and the well-being of the people in your building will make it worthwhile. 

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