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Yes, Air Conditioning can be bad for you if it is not maintained regularly. Questions to ask yourself are:

Is it regularly cleaned?
Is it appropriate for the area it is covering?

CG Mechanical have put together some answers to questions concerning the effect air conditioning can have on a person’s health.

Is air conditioning bad for your health?
It is true that air conditioning and ventilation units can have a bad effect on your health. However, there is no direct link to the systems themselves. The problems arise when the AC isn’t maintained sufficiently. If it is not cleaned often, mould could form and allergies and irritation can ensue.
Such health hazards can be avoided if routine maintenance is carried out to ensure the systems are mould free. If the environment is clean, this should only needed to be done every 6-12 months.

Is there a possibility air conditioning can be good for you?
Yes, air-conditioning can be good for you. If the maintenance is carried out, the units can benefit your health. For instance, AC will increase the comfort level in the room/area and ventilation will provide clean air.

Although it’s said that fresh air is the best, and this is certainly true to an extent, working in a vastly populated city with pollution circling the air, cracking a window open is not necessarily good for your health. The outside air may also irritate those with Hay Fever and other allergies.
In addition, air conditioners are available with a selection of filters which can filter bacteria, pollen, and trap dust particles.

In summary, if the AC and ventilation systems are maintained regularly, they should benefit your health, not damage it.

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