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Air Conditioning Units

We work with leading brands to supply and install high quality air conditioning at an unbeatable price

From a replacement part for your existing unit to a brand new bespoke air conditioning system designed and installed by us, you can rely on CGM to recommend quality products at a fair price. Our expert team has years of industry experience, and are able to provide qualified advice on all brands and types of air conditioning, whether it was installed by us or another contractor.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We supply and install high quality air conditioning units from world leading brands including Mitsubishi Electric and Daikin, although we always provide our customers with a range of quotes to ensure we remain competitive for all budgets. CGM benefits from a number of strong supplier discounts, which we always pass on to our clients.

What Type of System Do I Need?

The main categories of commercial air conditioning include:

  • Single Split System: Used to cool a single space, with both an indoor and outdoor component. This is often the most cost-effective solution for a small commercial building.
  • Multi Split System: Similar to a single split system, except multiple indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. This is ideal if outdoor space is limited, although these systems can be more complex, and therefore more expensive to install than a single split system.
  • VRF System:  A variant refrigerant flow system is extremely efficient for medium-large commercial buildings. There air two main types of VRF system; heat recovery, where varying heating and cooling requirements take place simultaneously in different areas; and heat pump, ideal for large areas or open plan spaces.
  • Central Air Conditioning: Used in large spaces such as sports halls, open plan offices, factories or warehouses. The industrial generator used for central air conditioning is powerful enough to distribute cool air to the entire area.


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Get Your Bespoke Proposal For Reliable, Efficient Air Conditioning

If you’re unsure about the most suitable unit for your needs, or you want to ensure you have the best solution in terms of efficiency, contact us to arrange a free site survey.